The Cost of Construction investigates a string of controversial deaths in Las Vegas during the construction of MGM's CityCenter, the most expensive private construction project in US history.


The film unfolds to look at the complex issues facing worker safety on a national level revealing a pattern of ineffective regulations, lax oversight, and dangerous negligence at the highest corporate and government levels, exposing a national safety system where 10-14 workers die every day. At its core, this is a documentary about America, where the ideals of Business and Labor collide.

The story begins in Las Vegas during the massive building boom of 2006 and follows the personal stories of a gruff Ironworker who loses his brother and a housewife who loses her son in tragic workplace accidents. Both take on a system that is hard to navigate and filled with blame, money and partisan politics.

Ultimately, the film covers a span of nearly 10 years, 2 administrations and features interviews from former Secretary of Labor, Robert Reich, former Congressman and House Education and Labor Committee Chairman, George Miller, Pulitzer Prize winning reporter for The Las Vegas Sun, Alexandra Berzon, among many other federal and local officials along with family members who have lost loved ones all of which combine to tell a gripping tale of the human cost of labor in this country. 


THE Cost of Construction

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